Flueless Bioethanol Eco-friendly Fireplaces

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Existing Fireplace Conversions

Axe the fuss of the traditional dirty black hole – bio-ethanol fireplaces don't produce ash or soot so there's no mess to clean up and no hard work chopping wood. A selection of Grate inserts maintain the traditional look, or choose from the selection of zero-clearance fireboxes or Burner kits to transform an existing fireplace into a unique contemporary open fire setting.

Heating on average between 35m2-60m2, the burners use an eco-friencly renewable fuel - denatured ethanol (or methylated spirits) which provides instant heat without harmful emissions and the burner designs allow for instant shut-off for ease of use. The use of clean burning fuel eliminates the need for a flue or complex gas or electricity connection, allowing for quick and easy installation.

EcoSmart Warm and Cozy in 3 Quick Steps

VB2 Insert

EcoSmart Scope 700 Grate


EcoSmart Grooved Grate


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